Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gear Related - The Mojo Hand FX Mystick Octavius

No matter how big of a fuzz/octave fan I am, whenever I hear that a new one is hitting the market, my first reaction is typically somewhere in the "whatever" neighborhood, between "meh" and "blah". It is no secret that I'm a big Brad Fee/Tone Factor/ Mojo Hand FX fan, so for this reason, I decided to give it a chance. Brad being the badass dude he is arranged a tourbox so that some of us could try to pedal out. First of all, it looks great. I know that's not a huge concern for most, but first impressions are first impressions. So, I plugged the thing in to my trusty old Carvin X-100B with a splittable humbucker guitar and put it through its paces. The Mystick Octavius has a switch that brings the octave in and out. I started with the octave on. As with all octave pedals I've tried, the best octave fuzz sounds are found in the 12th fret area with the front pickup selected. I was pleased with the sustain I got on strong notes, and the octaves bloomed in and out very nicely. Moreso when used in conjunction with my '77 Distortion plus clone or single stage mosfet booster. Octavey, Noodly leads all day long. Usually this is where the usefulness of an octave/fuzz ends. Not so with the Mystick Octavius. Flip the octave switch, and you've got a fuzz/overdrive force to be reckoned with. The even-ordered harmonic tone I got was great for all out rock-n-roll riffage. Zep and Clutch riffs just plain rocked on this thing. Then it shifted into high gear when I kicked the Distortion+ on. It had great chord clarity for a fuzz. I just wanted to stand right in front of the amp, crank it to 11 and play "Whole Lotta Love". Do yourself a favor Hit up Brad at Tone Factor and give the MojoHand Fx Mystick Octavius a try. Your inner Jimmy Page will thank you.

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